Nuppulinna distributes products and reagents from the following quality manufacturers, from whom you can find innovative solutions to your laboratory. Our core business is finding antibodies fitting to your needs, based on the method and target. Explore products from our partners freely and if you find something of interest, please contact through phone or email for more information.


ImmunoLogic - a WellMed company is a immunohistochemistry reagent developer, manufacturer, and distributor based in Netherlands. Their principal product is a biotin free BrightVision IHC detection kit, previously also sold under brand names of Powervision+ and Orion. These original products aim to fulfill the strict requirements for high performance and repeatability, that customers have come to expect. Immunologic is a NEN EN ISO 13485 : 2016 certified and supplies high quality products with CE/IVD mark.

ImmunoLogic BrightVision product family is designed to offer a easy to use but sensitive detection kit for immunohistochemical stainings. Polymer based HRP or AP conjugated systems are biotin free, offering much higher specificity and sensitivity compared to the traditional biotin-streptavidin methods. These kits can be found in polyvalent form, recognising both mouse and rabbit antibodies, or as species specific variations. Products can also be found in small sizes for testing and validation.

To supplement the BrightVision system, ImmunoLogic also offers DAB-substrates and antibody diluents that guarantees ease of use, background free results, and longer shelf life than standard buffers.

Bio SB

Bio SB aims to improve the methods in life science laboratories for the benefit of the patients all around the world. Especially the primary antibodies for immunohistochemistry and Fast MOHS IHC system for Mohs micrographic surgeries have received high praises from customers. Additionally, Bio SB offers products for direct or indirect immunofluorescence staining's, especially for immunoglobulins and complement system. All of the products are meant for CE/IVD use and are produced according to US FDA and ISO 13485 regulation.

Products for immunohistochemistry includes a extensive collection of high quality antibodies aimed for many different research areas. Yearly Bio SB brings to market dozens of new innovative antibodies for immunohistochemical tissue analyses. Ask from us about the new products for more information. In addition all supplementary reagents for staining's can be found from this same manufacturer.

Fast MOHS immunohistochemical system offers reliable result within 5-20 minutes, providing more information compared to routine staining during surgery. Find out more about the product from manufacturers site and contact us if interested.

For immunofluorescence, Bio SB carries a selection of both FITC conjugated antibodies, and antibodies optimized to be used with their in-house AmpliDetector FITC kit. You can find solutions for complement and immunoglobulin detection from the conjugated antibodies and additional markers for serum proteins and epithelial markers from unconjugated antibodies.

PolyDetector product family includes a comprehensive collection of Substrate-Chromogens for double- and multistainings (multiplexing). There are 6 different color choises for both HRP and AP enzymes, offering variety for protocol planning.


Rockland is one of the pioneers in antibody manufacturing field and they have been producing antibodies and proteins for other manufacturers from 1962. Nuppulinnan laboratoriopalvelu Oy has been importing Rockland products to Finland for over 20 years. Rockland understands the importance of reliable products in life science research and each batch goes through rigorous validation and quality assesment, insuring reproducible and reliable results for customers. From the extensive catalog you can find prime products for all antibody and protein based research. 

Rockland offers primary antibodies for all immunological techniques. Antibodies are available in monoclonal, polyclonal and recombinant forms, and both in un-conjugated or conjugated to the most common fluorophores or enzymes. In addition, Rockland offers high quality secondary antibodies for many methods, and TrueBlot premium product line for immunopresipitation (IP) and western blot (WP).

From the extensive selection of proteins and peptides, you can find especially cytokines and growth factors, most frequent enzymes for molecular immunology and protein A and G. They also carry animal tissue, cell lysates, nuclear extracts, and cell lines (especially for melanoma) for research. As a speciality, Rockland produced a collection of blood based products, ranging from whole blood to animal specific purified complement systems.

To support quality research and improved reproducibility and quality, Rockland offers reagents and kits for immunological analyses.


For over 15 years AnyGenes has brought innovative products to market for PCR based methods. They aim to produce high quality and easy to use kits for researchers, especially to study epigenetics, dysfunction of RNA, and signaling routes and diseases. To further the quality of quality control of research, by producing assays to detect Mycoplasma contamination in cell lines.

MycoDiag tests are a fast and accurate qPCR analysis to detect Mycoplasma in cell cultures. It has been reported that approximately 15–35% of continuous cell lines are contaminated by Mycoplasmas, with critical consequence for reliability of results. AnyGene MycoDiag-analysis can be used to identifie 25 most common Mycoplasma that causes contaminations, both fast and reliably.

For microbiota analyses from human, mouse, and rat samples, AnyGenes offers ready-to-use reagents in multiple formats to fit all aPCR equipment. Customers can also use their extensive database to compose your own Microbiota qPCR assay.

AnyGenes produces SignArrays qPCR kits to study over 500 different signaling routes. With SignArrays product family, you can produce results with precision and competative pricing. All of the kits have been validated at experimental level with large collections of tissues and cell lines, with stringent quality control.

Cosmo Bio USA

Cosmo Bio USA provides quality life science products from leading Japanese manufacturers, to provide customers with solutions for technical problems in the research problems. They provide products to wide variety of life science techniques, for example quality antibodies, elisa-kits, 3D collagen scaffolds, reagents and plasmids for optogenetics.

Through their mother company, Cosmo Bio USA is able to offer large catalog of antibodies, with stand out product family of Cosmo Bio Antibody Collection (CAC). CAC products were developed in research institutes and companies for real use case, and have therefore been "field tested" with literature to back up the claims.

Cosmo Bio USA distributes advanced plasmid vectors for Optogenetics from Hamamatsu. Technique is based on photoactivated adenylyl cyclase (PAC), which produces cAMP by photostimulation, compared to more traditional photosensitive ion channels. Due to this activation method, this product can be applied to non-excitable cells.

Other innovative products cover multiple different techniques and helps in neuronal research, exosome purification and characterization, studying cells in 3D environment, and many more.


AngioBio produces specific antibodies particularly for studying lymphangiogenesis and plants (especially rice). They also provide proteins for research. For more info and recommendations, ask directly from us at Nuppulinna.

LADD reseach

For almost 50 years Ladd Research Industries has been a reliable American company that developes, produces and distributes electron microscopy products. They carry in their collection all consumables and reagents for transmission and scanning electron microscopy, supplementary vacuum equipment, and a choise of products for light microscopy.

Ladd Research produces Apertures, Microholes, Filaments, Screens, Grids, Support Films, and all the chemicals that you need with top quality.